Admissions 2023

Please note that we are a fee paying school. The payment of school fees are compulsory, applications for subsidies can be arranged under certain circumstances.


Grade R Applications:

Applications can be collected at the office.

Learners must be born in 2018 or before July 2019 to attend grade R in 2024.

Certified copies of birth certificate, clinic card, proof of residence (in parents' name) and parents' ID documents are compulsory.


Grade 1 Applications:




·         Visit the website for more information and step-by-step instructions.  To make sure that your child’s application is successful apply as soon as possible and choose three schools.

·         You will receive a WA registration number from the Department of Education.  (Keep it safe!)

·         Bring this WA number to school and receive a form at the office.  Complete your application form, hand in at the school with the following documents:


ü  Birth certificate/ Passport &Visa/ Assylum or Refugee letter

ü  Child’s clinic card

ü  ID documents of both LEGAL parents/guardian

ü  Proof of residence

·         Please note that NO grade R teacher will be allowed to hand out or receive a form to enroll your child for the next year!


Grade 2 - 7 Applications:

The following documents are compulsory when applying for admission to our school: 

  • ID document or certified copy of birth certificate of learner/ Passport &Visa/ Assylum or Refugee letter
  • Clinic card of learner
  • ID documents of parents or guardian/ Passport &Visa/ Assylum or Refugee letter
  • Latest original assessment report
  • Transfer form from previous school
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Working fax/email and phone number on admission form