Please note that we are a fee paying school. The payment of school fees are compulsory, applications for subsidies can be arranged under certain circumstances.


Grade 1 Applications:


1. Collect the Admission Checklist Form from the school reception.

2. Register on the Gauteng Department of Education website (

3. Apply on the Gauteng Department of Education website.

4. A reference number will be allocated to you by the Gauteng Department of Education’s online application system.

5. Return the following to the school:

a. Confirmation of your online application.

b. The completed Admission Checklist Form.

c. Certified copies of both biological parents’ ID documents.

d. A certified copy of the applicant’s unabridged Birth Certificate.

e. A certified copy of the applicant’s most recent school report.

f. Proof of residential address which shall be in the form of a utilities bill or a lease agreement (for a minimum period of 12 months) in the name of the parent or legal guardian of the applicant. Please bring the original and certified copy


Grade 2 - 7 Applications:

The following documents are compulsory when applying for admission to our school: 

  • ID document or certified copy of birth certificate of learner
  • Clinic card of learner
  • ID documents of parents or guardian
  • Latest original assessment report
  • Transfer form from previous school
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Working fax/email and phone number on admission form